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Hartwell Nutrition


Brand / Digital / Website
Hartwell is the brainchild of Natasha Hartwell, who wanted to use her evidence-based nutritional therapy expertise to help people struggling with the symptoms of menopause.


We needed to cut through a lot of existing noise in the market when we created the Hartwell brand. This was different: a real expert who actually understood the symptoms of menopause, and could help people feel like themselves again.

We began by exploring what makes Hartwell unique, what makes it tick and what makes other people care. This deep dive helped us define the new brand’s values and personality, which led us to how the brand looks and feels.


The idea of balancing Natasha’s personal and science-based approaches was a key theme in the brand’s development. We made Hartwell’s voice Natasha’s own. Everything would be first person and talking directly to the target audience – just as it would be in a one-to-one consultation – we wanted the audience to feel seen.

This helped to complete the circle with the logo, a hand-drawn logotype that feels very much like a signature. Our colour palette was vibrant and earthy, warm and dignified; whilst brand imagery centred on collages which connected nature with lifestyle.

”I can’t thank SF enough for how thorough they were and how they treated the subject of menopause with care. The whole process was better than I could have imagined!”
– Natasha Hartwell – Founder

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