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Conan The Barbarian

A website fit for a Barbarian

Website / Digital / UX
We brought the legendary Conan the Barbarian to life with an immersive E-commerce site that thrust visitors into a fantasy world of action and adventure which even let them weave their own story powered by AI.


Our quest was to bring Conan – a legendary character created in the 1930s – into the modern era with a website design that not only gave visitors a taste of his world, adventures, enemies and allies, but also highlighted that there was more to this barbarian than the savage brute seen in the Arnie films. It needed to be a gateway for new fans, whilst also feeling authentic to established fans.

Our aim was to create a storytelling website that immersed visitors into this mythical world from the second they arrived. From the interactive, multi-layered map that highlighted great adventures, mighty cities and powerful enemies, to the eye-popping artwork, interactive timeline and even the streamlined, WooCommerce shop packed with our 3D-rendered product imagery, visitors never stepped out of Conan’s world.

The pinnacle of this immersion was the Tavern of Treachery, a page built especially for launch, where visitors could write their own tale as they attempted to win Conan’s favour. We collaborated with AI prompt engineer Christian Terry  to continue telling classic stories in the style of Robert E. Howard, with all the thrills, debauchery and danger you’d expect from an encounter with Conan.


Building on the fantastic brand that Red Central had established, we got to work expanding it to cover the whole of Conan’s world, while adding that little something something to make every element feel more immersive.

As we approached launch, we also partnered with  Bind Media. Together we integrated deep analytic metrics into the site, particularly giving us insight into the performance of the shop.

We took a  low/no-code approach to the development using WordPress and Bricks Builder. This meant we could provide simple editability within the WordPress CMS for the internal marketing teams, while maintaining the bespoke and handcrafted feel of the Conan brand. As with the interactive map and AI tavern encounter, the design was a contemporary way to bring a legend up to date without forgetting his roots.

Explore the world at Conan.com

The site launched to great acclaim in September 2023, with the Tavern of Treachery creating plenty of headlines in the press and being a real focus for PR around the launch. The buzz around it grew so large so quickly, that demand far outstripped the budget for AI prompts, and the Tavern needed to temporarily close its doors to new adventurers looking to sup ale with Conan.
The Something Familiar team has been some of the best vendors I have ever worked with. Not only are they great designers and developers that delivered two OUTSTANDING websites for us, but they were also just an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Honestly their communication and project management are THE THINGS that really made me enjoy working with them. They were always on top of everything and made an effort to make sure I understood every step in the process too. Plus, they are just a fun group of people to work with! Can’t recommend them enough to everybody.
Marcos Cronander, Head of Marketing
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