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Wellcome Trust

Transforming Health Campaigns

Wellcome Trust is a leading global charitable foundation that supports research into life, health and wellbeing. In partnership with their team and digital marketing experts Ethix Digital, we helped them to drive applications and overcome barriers to their funding opportunities.


It’s impossible to know where the next breakthrough will come from, so Wellcome Trust’s scope is deliberately broad. They fund projects that focus on three big health challenges: climate change, infectious disease and mental health. By immersing ourselves in Wellcome’s brand values and impressive funding projects, we developed an approach that expressed these opportunities in an accessible way to global audiences.


With so many funding opportunities available, we looked at reaching the audience based on their goals, needs and inspirations instead of relying on their generic ‘science’ disciplines, which in the current research landscape, was no small thing! This bold way of engaging with their audiences was one that the Wellcome team trusted us to develop and explore. 

Using an iterative method to produce the work, we took the time to both ensure that it was successful and also understand how the campaign was resonating. (For example, prioritising descriptive creative increased engagement among those seeking funding for mental health research). By learning from these campaigns, it gave Wellcome the green light to continue with such a new approach. 

What began as a standalone funding project has transformed into a continuous partnership with the team, as we assist Wellcome Trust + Wellcome Collection (a free museum and library exploring health and human experience) in developing marketing comms across multiple touchpoints.

Wellcome Collection Genetic Automatica Social Media Campaign Design
“Results are always evolving, but since partnering with the Wellcome team and Ethix Digital, we’ve continuously enhanced Wellcome’s paid media creative performance across all campaigns by leveraging insights from data. For instance, prioritising descriptive ads increased engagement among those seeking funding, while static graphics outperformed animations in other areas, resulting in higher click-through rates for ads promoting available funds for mental health research.
Bryony Cozens, Managing Director – Something Familiar
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