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MND Scotland: Repositioning and rebranding to re-enter the public consciousness.

Discover how somethingfamiliar helped MND Scotland confidently rebrand so they can continue to ‘make time count’ for those living with MND.

A bold opportunity

The brand was showing its age and seeking to increase awareness, there was a huge opportunity to communicate the charities focus of support, instead giving the impression that it was primarily a research organisation. The look and feel was a little cold and unwelcoming, something in huge contrast to the people at the heart of the organisation.

The pandemic presented an opportunity to change things up for everyone. There was no reason to return to the old ways of doing things: a repositioning and bold new brand gives MND Scotland the chance to stand out and confidently present itself as the only MND charity in Scotland to provide direct support to people living with MND.

The new brand identity proudly shows people why MND Scotland is here.


To stand out and to compete with much younger and energetic charities, the logo needed a complete rethink – not just a redesign, but a do-over from the ground up based on the brand’s new positioning: Make Time Count.

The cornflower design (representing ‘hope’ and introduced in 2009) was replaced with a ‘hand of support’, a symbol that clearly communicates MND Scotland’s main purpose.

The hand was created using sweeping, curved strokes (corners are rounded off throughout the brand) that carry with them a sense of momentum, reinforced by the fact that there’s no obvious start or end point, and importantly, no dead ends.

The lower edges of the logo encircle the main hand motif, adding to the idea of support and togetherness. This also helps to create a visual link to the previous logo, as the fingers and sweeps combine to suggest the shape of a flower that recalls the petals on the old logo.

Another subtle motif within the design is a reference to the white saltire, the traditional cross of the Scottish flag, which can be found in the palm area of the hand.

Abstracting the logo as a graphical device

The sweeps and curves of the logo form the backbone of the brand’s visual identity. Close crops of the logo at any angle or scale are used to frame images or simply as a design device. Although the hand is abstracted by doing this, it ensures the concept of support and the DNA of the brand are embedded in every communication.

The logo is also the starting point for a range of bespoke brand icons that follow the same design ideology, sharing the same colourways and rounded corners to present an organic and consistent visual language across the brand.

Colour palette

Something Familiar introduced a warmer, vibrant and more human colour palette that saw purple, pink and yellow added to MND Scotland’s traditional blue.

To maintain a cohesive and clean look across the brand, the use of colour was restricted, with only a single main colour and background colour (with gradients) permitted in each image, panel, or section of communication. The one exception to this rule is the main logo. Its continuous line is made up of a gradient of eight brand colours. This concentrated encapsulation of the colour palette ensures it sits naturally with whichever duo of colours it’s paired with.


To match the more human tone of the new brand, the main typeface combines a professional outlook with a more ‘playful’ and characteristic edge. As with the colour palette, there had to be a balance between the energy and personality the brand was missing, with the need to remain authoritative and aware that MND Scotland operates in an often stressful environment.

The choice was Syne, which combines an organic but professional feel, with touches that provide flair to (but never overshadow) the brand’s messages.


MND Scotland partnered with Richard Murgatroyd capture more intimate moments in the lives of people with MND and those supporting them. Images needed to be real and natural, but to show that life with MND could still be a joyful experience with the right support. 

By focusing on close-up moments, the photography showed that MND Scotland was there with the MND community, lending its support wherever and whenever it was needed – enabling these moments and helping to Make Time Count.

MND Scotland says

“The new branding and logo are part of the evolution of the charity and will help grow fundraising for those needing support and the researchers working to find a cure.”

Pegi Macleod, Co-founder

About MND Scotland

Founded over forty years ago, the charity has been at the front line against Motor Neuron Disease in Scotland. It funds ground-breaking MND research and world-class clinical trials. It campaigns to fix a broken system and to secure lasting change.
But much of its day-to-day work is in making time count for people with MND and the loved ones supporting them. For more, see MND Scotland.

Read more about the project results here

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