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NEWS & VIEWS FROM Something Familiar

Take a deep dive into some of our biggest projects, what our thoughts are on current trends, or see what we’re doing in the studio!

We’ve taken a deep dive into sustainable website design. Looking at what it truly means, common pitfalls and how to start making more eco conscious moves - without losing sight of your brand identity.
B Corps are businesses balancing people, planet and profit, and we’re proud to be one of them! March is B Corp Month and we’re hosting a B Corp Bash event, where we get to celebrate all things B Corp. But what is B Corp and why is it so important to us?
Marketing can often feel like conflicting priorities all fighting to win. Here's some reasons why considering your brand alongside refining your short-term strategies is crucial for growth.
At a recent 'Womxn in Design' event, our MD, Bry, took the stage to share her journey into creative leadership. Emphasising that leaders can come from any background, and should embrace unexpected opportunities in our traditionally male-dominated industry. Her experience reflects our agency's commitment to fostering diverse leadership within the creative landscape.
The event's positive energy, inspiring talks, and shared commitment to sustainable business practices left us feeling invigorated and more determined than ever. We're excited to turn our learnings into action and share our journey with you in the year ahead. πŸ–€


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