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Sustainable web design

Impact that doesn’t cost the earth

Sustainable website design delivers all of the impact, creativity and functionality you want from a website, without hand-waving away the potential cost it may have on the environment. The use of fossil fuels, carbon emissions and environmental impact can all be reduced with green website development.

It’s an ethical approach, and one that’s in line with the growth of B-corps (we’re a proud example) and businesses emphasising their sustainability goals. But critically, it’s one that doesn’t compromise on your site’s effectiveness or creativity, and it doesn’t cost any more.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

What is sustainable web design?

We’ll admit that it can be hard to see the link between a website and damage to the environment, but it’s real. Every time a website is accessed, its servers transfer data. They use electricity to run, and the more work they do, the more cooling they need.

With more websites appearing all the time and older, clunkier ones still hanging around, the internet is using a huge amount of fossil fuels to power and cool servers.

Sustainable web design reduces the impact the internet is having on the environment. Solutions like green hosting and more-effectively designed websites are becoming the norm, as the message about more ethical web design becomes a much louder part of the conversation.

And the good news is that you can do all this without compromising creativity or impact.

Optimised sites that look fantastic and run fast

We focus on creating ‘lightweight’ sites using streamlined code that runs more effectively. This green web development optimises and reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred from the server when someone visits your website.

How does it work? Less bloated code and smarter-working caches are two examples. It’s the equivalent of making your site more aerodynamic.

Your audience enjoys a slicker, faster-loading, easily navigable experience which registers positively when it comes to that all-important SEO. Whilst you also get the buzz that comes from knowing you’ve helped reduce the internet’s carbon emissions.

Green web hosting

Along with lightweight builds, we focus on sustainable web hosting, partnering with companies who only use renewable energy (hydro, solar and wind) to power and cool their data centres.

The technology hosting your site will be top of the line, but powered and cooled using green energy for less worldwide impact, and less direct impact on the data centre’s location. Again, your audience won’t notice – but telling them certainly isn’t a bad idea when customers are often looking for a differentiator.

Our process

We’ve been doing this for a while now for an amazingly diverse range of clients – all shapes, all sizes. So as you’d expect, we have a tried and tested process that lets us dig down to the essence of your brand, campaign or issue, before bursting out with ideas that capture it perfectly.


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